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October 3, 2011

Another great movie to go see...... HURRY!!

This weekend was a busy one..... I helped out at our church as we hosted a great women's event, "COME TO THE FIRE"  ~  it was fantastic!  Met so many sweet people helping and coming from all over the country..... met several ladies from Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri and more....  amazing how far they came to have some wonderful girl time and recharging.  I pray everyone that came left with a uplifted spirit and sense of how much God loves us and can work in our lives no matter what our situation or phase of life we're in :)

The second half of the weekend was enjoyed with a "DATE NIGHT" with my wonderful husband as we went to see the LONG AWAITED movie...... "COURAGEOUS".   Oh, it was sooooo worth the wait!   What an awesome movie (from the people who brought us FIREPROOF and FACING THE GIANTS)  I can't say it enough how inspiring, motivating, encouraging and poignant this movie is.  We don't usually go to see many movies (mainly because they're usually aren't very many positive good ones out there these days) but this is soooo worth going to.  If you haven't gone, please try to soon!  Trust me, you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!  I promise :)

Whether you're a man or woman, young or young at heart, husband, wife, single.....   This movie has a message for everyone!  We need to show the film industry that we want to see more good clean movies that inspire hope and goodness...... the only way they will get the message is by us going out and supporting movies like this.   It amazes me how many people that go out and throw their hard earned $$ at just about any movie that comes out there and yet when a good family friendly movie comes out..... they don't even check it out.  We are cutting back just like everyone..... it's been quite a while since we have even been able to take a vacation but this year we have tried to go and support good family friendly movies and events when possible.  We've seen more movies in the last 6 months than we usually see in 2 years lol!    SOUL SURFER, THE GRACE CARD, DOLPHIN TALE and now COURAGEOUS.......  the only way we're going to see a change for the better is by not throwing our $$ at any movie that comes out.  We are choosy about what we eat when we are trying to eat healthy,  so shouldn't we be just as choosy when it comes to what we are "feeding" our hearts and minds.....   Our children and grandchildren are looking for examples to follow...... what example are we choosing to be???   Sorry, didn't mean to get on my soapbox.....   but it really is our choice.  What kind of things do we fill our mind (and heart) with???  The music we listen to, the shows on tv we watch, the books we read.....   WOW!   That's pretty deep for a Monday lol....   Hope you all have a great week ahead....  enjoy!!

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